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Daniela Garza Ríos


Mandala Life with Daniela

20Founder and Spiritual Director of Sutra Yoga Monterrey. Graduated with a Double Degree in ITESM Monterrey and ESC University in France.

Certified in Osteopathy & Bioenergetics, Medical Magnet Therapy, Universal Energy, Alkaline Diet, Natural Medicine, Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Acroyoga, Thai Massage, and the Sacred Dance of Healing Arts. World Traveler, Daniela has been immersed more than 13 years in bodywork and spiritual practices.

A highly positive attitude towards life gravitates around her shared practices. A devoted sense of service and clear sensitive wisdom is a present through her teachings. Her work as a Yoga and Holistic practitioner inspires very clear technique and a deep understanding on the sacred meditation between giving and receiving. She emphasizes in acquiring deep awareness and sensitivity on how to listen, f30eel and support each individual person and bring it to the Universal Self.

Currently she offers classes, workshops, retreats, bodywork, and Teacher Trainings around the world including a unique and genuine combination of all these sacred arts within Alternative Medicine, Yoga, and the Spiritual Practices. She has been a recognized and invited teacher in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Venezuela, USA, and Mexico.

More than a decade of experience in many areas of holistic arts, healing practices, and a lifelong passion for embracing every moment as sacred creativity, the wisdom of sharing comes across in all of these offerings.




Prana Flow
Radiantly Alive
Mandala Vinyasa Yoga 200hrs
Tantra Yoga TT 300hrs
Acroyoga Levels I & II
Thai Yoga Massage


Acroyoga Solar Practices & Acroyoga Lunar Practices

…Invite the power of presence meditation, intuition, movement sensitivity, and full support to tap into our highest potential…












“We all pulse as one, and this naturally gravitates in a unification and integration of the global family, a realization of soul interconnectedness, and the importance of full devotion to the divine.” – Daniela Garza Rios


Pushkar. India Puja.




Yoga Life

Teaching in all different levels, every student feels safe and confident in her classes as there is always an open space for different body temples.
With experience in different styles and trainings, classes can vary from powerful vinyasa flows, to slow gentle sequences, restorative yoga, beginners yoga, bhakti yoga, pranayama, meditation, Acroyoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and Mandala Vinyasa.
Her classes, like her personality are abundantly joyful and loving. Exploring the principles of Vedanta philosophy, Buddhist teachings, mantras, mudras, therapeutic work, and devotion. The practice flows gentle and powerful in a rhythmic dance with the collective breath.  Each class has its own intention, philosophic teaching, and meditation. These offerings encourage the feeling of happiness, freedom of creativity, transformation, and liberation of the spirit.


Like all communities we come in all forms – big, small, young, ageless, flexible, inflexible, novice, and practiced. We welcome you to our Sutra community.


New to Yoga?

Check our our Beginners Journey Class… If this is not an option for you, a private is also perfect for beginners or if you are recovering from an injury, pregnancy, trauma, or want to focus on a specific intention in your life, come join an immersion into your yoga practice.


Private and Group Lessons are available

Please contact for scheduling privates….


Mandala Vinyasa

A very creative and empowering style of Yoga. As you flow through the asanas and dance between breath and movement in a 360 degrees dance around the mat, you will experience your heart opening even more to the universal juice of life, bringing us back to where it all began………our Inner Center. This is an opportunity to liberate yourself from your old patterns and dive deep into the dance between your breath and all your bodies… and finally come back to our natural Universal Self.

Focus: We experience a 360 degrees asana flow on your mat, allowing a release of structural patterns shifting the limits set by our minds.

Unique Quality: We awaken to the artistic side of asanas in a very expansive and inspiring way.  Increased Strength and Awareness.

Who is it for? Intermediate students or anyone willing to flow, connecting asanas with breath.

What do you need:  Bare feet and surrender!



Restorative Yoga

Embrace the nurturing warmth of the qualities in your Shakti Energies.  This intuitive, and restorative practice, allows and opens the door to embody the stillness blossoming from within you in a very gentle and soft way.

Focus: Deepening into the soft, inward quality of the feminine present in both males and females.

Unique Quality:  While deep in your inner stillness of the asanas you can experience a subtile and meditative opportunity for self exploration and poetic inspiration.

Benefits: Gives us the opportunity to immerse into svadyaya, or self understanding. It provides the necessary space for listening to and recognizing our inner voice.

Who is it for? All, anyone and everyone in search of an intuitive  level of understanding of theirself.

What do you need? Presence.  Props with be provided for your comfort.


Beginners Journey Class

Yoga comes from the sanskrit word yuj , which means yoke, union or to come together, as in spirit, mind and body. Yoga is for everyone, and here is where it all begins. If you are new to yoga, not very flexible or a bit worried about not being in shape, this is a perfect space for you. It is also a good place to start a journey of self healing, transformation and opening a door to grace.

Focus: Introduction to the possibilities of an expanded you. You will be gently guided with special attention on how to keep it safe in your practice. We will focus in alignment, the meaning of each asana/posture.

Benefits:  The awareness of the benefits that unravel from each asana as you experience it in your body.

Who is this for?  Anyone interested in basics, or new to yoga.

What do you need?  Loose fitting or stretchy clothing, and bare feet.



This is a shared practice where there is a Flyer (person carried), a Base (person who carries) and a Spotter. Acroyoga is a playful practice of sharing love, trust, and kindness. A journey of giving and receiving, developing skills to take your transformation to a deeper level of connection with yourself and those around you. Acro classes include a combination of ansana sequences, partner yoga, assisted inversions, basic partner acrobatics, therapeutic flying and a glimpse into the sacred dance of Thai Massage… No prior acrobatics experience of partner is required.

Focus: Connect with the sense of touch, expanding and exploring different dimensions of sharing, trusting, and opening to the sacred mirror in each one of us.

Benefits:  Experience a completely different dimension of yoga. Overcoming your mind limits and opening to the sacred healing of sharing in family. Develop Metta or loving kindness in our communication, trusting, listening skills, as well as understanding how to communicate exactly what we need in a loving way.

Who is this for?  Anyone interested in different approach, or open to receiving the healing of interconnectedness.

What do you need?  An open heart and a big smile.

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